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Who Are We

The mission of Bringing Love Back is to promote love and unity throughout the community. We focus on films and unique events that will heal the past, change the present, and build the future. 
We know that our work begins within. We believe if the Black and Brown communities create peace and love within ourselves, we can then share that with the world.
Karl and Nia Bringing Love Back

Meet Nia Miranda

Raised in Detroit, MI, with Igbo Nigerian roots, Nia began performing and leading the community at an early age. From her undeniable personality to her many gifts as an ARTivist, actress, filmmaker, and community leader, Nia uses her voice as a right of freedom to break barriers and complete her ancestors’ agenda. Nia is most recently known for the viral video demonstrating how she boldly stopped two fake Black Lives Matter assailants from vandalism during the #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd protests.
Nia is the co-founder of Bringing Love Back LLC, a production company that creates films and unique community events and experiences to promote togetherness in the Black community. Nia believes if people can be impinged by her art, then she has fulfilled her purpose. Above all, Nia wants to push the culture forward by intentionally planting as many wisdom seeds as possible and helping to flourish a world of dream chasers, purpose pushers, and fear fighters.



Black people have been the most forgiving community, choosing to forgive time and time again. We are a people of compassion continuously opening our hearts, our home, and our culture even to those who have done us wrong. America cannot continue to profit off of us, our skills, our talents, and our likeness, and then not stand up for us in our pain, devastation, and tragedy. It is time we come together as one uses our resources to create the world we want to live in. We are the most resilient community. This COVID-19 pandemic has been a gift and a curse to our community. The curse is the thousands of black lives we lost due to this virus. However, there is also a gift. Since we have been in quarantine I have seen the magic of black people rise. Brothers like Dnice “Club Quarantine” Swiss beats and Timberland “Verzuz tv” and more have used art during these trying times to bring us together. I believe when our backs are against the wall history has shown that is when we as people thrive. Unlike our less melonated friends we have always turned trials into triumphs. It is time we take back ownership of the black dollar, culture, and talents and use it to bring our community together. I am the founder of Bringing Love Back LLC and our mission is to promote love and unity throughout our community. I believe if the black and brown community create peace and love within ourselves we can share that with the world. Instead of being a broken community that is trying to get the world to see us as a whole.


Grassroots Law Project

Mass incarceration is a monster that took hundreds of years, with millions of laws and policies, to build. We need to dismantle it—piece by piece, structure by structure, and build something redemptive in its place. It’s not broken. It’s functioning exactly the way those who designed and built it intended it to function. It’s firing on all cylinders. It must be abolished, defunded, and completely reimagined.




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